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If you’ve had Linked In for a while and have already connected with people, updating your profile will fill their feed and your ‘Wall’ with update notices.

A hunting ground for headhunters, HR managers and new businesses looking for partners or opportunities, it will do you good to have a professional Linked In profile set up, to let you take advantage of this.

Unlike on Facebook, where profiles could be made up and are more suitable for personal networking rather than a professional one, Linked In encourages users to provide a highly professional look to their resume and/or profile on the networking site.

It’s also important to use keywords in your headline, summary and throughout your entire profile.

The keywords could consist of your main passion or profession and will help your Linked In profile turn up more often on search engine results.

You can follow Linked In’s Profile Completion Tips when editing your profile.

Besides that, adding a profile headline and summary would be real helpful to make an impression.

Then I went back and searched for him by his first name and title and I noticed that Linked In now thinks he is out of my network, Strange!

By the way, if I click on this result, Linked In won’t show me his profile.

So then I tried searching for her by her first and last name.

I found her, but when I try to click on her profile, I get the same “You and this Linked In user don’t know anyone in common.” This is definitely different, because previously, if you searched for someone by their first and last name you could see their full profile even if you weren’t connected to them, presumably because Linked In assumed that if you had someone’s full name, you likely knew the person.

This was a sound assumption and solid user functionality for non-recruiters going to Linked In to search for friends and current/past colleagues.