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The carrier will deploy the new planes on routes between Singapore and the U.

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“Metallic materials are our legacy – the aviation industry has been building aircraft out of metals ever since wood and canvas were phased out,” Duflos said.“Generally speaking, we shape metals by taking away what we don’t need – it’s a subtractive process and that means a lot of waste.The reviews are enhanced with the use of professional photographs of genuine Record planes.A number of the planes photographed are in stunning condition and are a real glimpse into the past.By March 2018, the company had received more than 850 orders for it from 45 customers around the world, making it one of the most successful wide-body aircraft ever — before it has welcomed a single passenger.

Airbus engineers achieve gains in efficiency and endurance by balancing a multitude of factors.

For readers wishing to find additional information, each review contains a list of relevant Record catalogues and Record Planecraft books.

Note: for those wishing to buy one of these books, it is important to note that some of these listed books may only contain a snippet of information about a respective plane model.

In effect the website is an encylopedia of Record planes made in the 20th century.

Each Record plane model has its own dedicated page with a multitude of information describing the plane construction, what the plane is used for, the manufacture date, ways in which to identify the date of a plane, alternative names under which a tool may be known and much more.

The website contains a wealth of information about the Record planes made from 1931 - 2004.