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Remus Lupin abandoned the pregnant Tonks for fear his werewolf status meant he wouldn't be a good father.The young Harry had to give Lupin a severe talk to make him return to his family, but shortly after, the courageous pair were killed. Although Winky received no love from the movie version of Harry Potter, she was a prominent elf in the book series. The relationship of Hermione and Ron is one of the strongest in Harry Potter, even if the same can't be said for other couples in Harry Potter, who were either completely toxic or just had their fair share of some really unhealthy moments.

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Although, props to the couple for seemingly being genuinely in love.Unrequited love often lends itself to some terrible consequences and Severus Snape is the premiere example of that.Fueled by jealousy, his intel led to Voldemort killing Lily and James Potter.But can I really stay mad at the Potions professor when he spent the rest of his life protecting Harry since he "always" loved Lily? Well, the parents of Voldemort clearly have to be one of the most toxic couples.Hermione's response to Ron dating Lavender was to bring the handsome, but stinky-breathed Cormac to a Slug Club party as a way to make Ron jealous.

The relationship didn't go much further, but their date was truly a disaster.When you've got raging hormones going down at Hogwarts, a little romance never truly hurt anybody (that is, of course, unless Romilda Vane was involved), but some couples might have been better not getting together while they were understandably distracted battling either for or against Voldemort.The theme of love is strong in the Harry Potter franchise and no one can say that wizards don't like a good romance, even when it is to their detriment.The talented author has been busy regretting one of the best relationships of Harry Potter, but I think maybe she should reevaluate some other far more toxic pairing she created for the Harry Potter universe.As I still haven't fully recovered from the author's 2014 revelation, here are 12 couples from Harry Potter far more regrettable and toxic than Ron and Hermione.Although Rodolphus isn't heard of much in the books (or the films for that matter), anyone married to Bellatrix must be toxic.