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Not only is this totally not OK, but I also deserve way better. The internet is pretty good at making really unnecessary loser behavior a viral story so you should think before you send rude messages to someone.Your loser behavior just might show up in your employer’s or mom’s newsfeed if you mess with the wrong woman. I’m so over being made to feel like I need to just suck it up and deal with guys like this online. In just a few years, I’ve been spoken to rudely online by more men than one woman should experience in a lifetime.If a woman doesn’t respond to them, some men will bombard her with messages demanding that she owes them a polite rejection since they took the time to write her (ignoring the fact she’s a stranger, has no obligation to them, and probably has 100 other guys blowing up her inbox in addition to them).

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It’s not just that women don’t deserve this terrible behavior — no one does.Women are becoming so jaded from experiencing this behavior that they don’t believe good men are out there or that a forever love story exists anymore, and that’s really heartbreaking. You might think it’s hilarious to pass your time and get a cheap thrill out of getting a rise out of a complete stranger, but it really makes you no different than a childhood bully who claims to be a grown man.If you don’t have anything nice to say, get off the Internet. If you have the audacity to make rude and unwarranted sexual remarks when we haven’t even met in real life, then I certainly have the courage and the right to stand up against your disgusting and poor communication skills.Don’t serve out your BS if you’re not willing to take on the mess. It’s getting extremely tiring for women who are serious about finding someone special having to weed through rude and unnecessary messages online and spoken to like they’re nothing.The way I see it is that the longer this behavior continues without being addressed, the more new dirtbags come to the surface. I’m done being the nice girl and I stopped letting people walk all over me in high-school.

If you send me rude messages online, I have every right to tell you to GTFO — I deserve better.

I’ve been excited to start meeting guys in my new city (LA – same as you! And if they do say hello, the emails are boring – “Hey, I’m thinking of getting some sun this weekend. ” Or they make me think these guys have me on a pedestal – “If you don’t mind me saying, I think you are beautiful, and your profile seems so genuine. ” I’ve taken your advice and posted pics of me looking fun, cute and active: wedding guest/bridesmaid pics, vacation pics, a fun sibling shot (labeled “with my bro and sis.”) So what is the deal? I’m thinking, “We are SO alike, why aren’t you responding? –Angie There are two entirely separate issues being discussed here: one is your frustration with online dating overall, the other is with the nuances of how it’s done. First of all, I want you to consider all the other places that you could meet thirtysomething men in Los Angeles.

It seems there are plenty of men looking on these sites but hardly any saying hello! In my bio, I basically state I am a “retired jetsetter who still wants to have fun, but do it on a local level.” I’ve read a bunch of profiles and tried to reach out to men who were my equals, both in lifestyle and dating goals, but these guys haven’t responded.

If no one calls you out for behaving like an imbecile, you’re never going to learn, so please allow me to step up to the plate and say what many women are afraid to — you’re not a nice person and you clearly have some issues.

I’m done responding to your douchebag remarks and I won’t stand for it anymore.

' Another part of me is feeling super sad and alone. '” "I kept getting dick pics and other fun surprises and told my friend that I was done with online dating.