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Despite the viral video, some netizens still believes that it is only for a show and that Piolo in reality is gay.

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Piolo and Shaina went viral as they dance very intimately in a ball held on October 2016.Shaina is said to be the closest girl to Piolo at the momemnt.He off joined other television features including Esperanza where he was untaught with gathering actress Judy Santos.Dting, with his about nature and large fan basis, was also secret with other conduct winning actresses to fix Maricel Soriano, Screen Locsin, Bea Alonzo and Claudine Barreto. He had been into several communities with reported actresses in the Canadian movie lookout.He later joined other television shows including Esperanza where he was paired with prime actress Judy Santos.

Their love team was a resounding hit in the early 2000’s with all of their movies grossing millions and followed avidly by their fans.A year after he launched another album titled The Gift. Gorgeous Samuel Lloyd "Sam" Lacia Milby (born on May 23, 1984, in Troy, Ohio, United States), is a Filipino-American actor, commercial model, and recording artist, who works for ABS-CBN.On the other hand there are also rumours that he is gay and had relationships with co-actors and singers.It is also known that Piolo has a son, Inigo, who is into show business also recently.Piolo Pascual had several relationships in the past.