Scott campbell chloe sevigny dating

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A new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs Sunday on E!

Busy as can be, Kris stopped by the Kylie Cosmetics factory on Friday.

She made the trip solo, not joined by daughter Kylie who gave birth to daughter Stormi Webster only a week ago.

Sharing her trip on social media, the ex of Caitlyn - formerly known as Bruce - Jenner posed in front of rows of packaging while donning a lab-coat like jacket.'Look who dropped by the Kylie Cosmetics factory today!

And Chloe absolutely should not be held accountable for her boyfriend's bad behavior.

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Still playing his cards close to the chest, Scott said: 'Yeah, it's something new.' 'Are you going steady? 'After learning the model was only 19, the California native confirmed Scott's age. OK, so I was 17 and Robert was 12 years older,' Kris remembered.

' Kris cooed with a wry smile.'I guess that's what the kids call it,' laughed Scott before confirming that the lady in question was none-other than Sofia Richie, the teen daughter of singer Lionel. Cleverly, Scott spots a difference, telling Jenner: 'You were underage, she's not.'Far from offended, Kris smiled and told her almost son-in-law 'Touché!

"I should have included the context within which I was inquiring: considering his past anti-Asian racisms," the tweet reads.

"I 'censored' his name so that I wouldn’t have to deal with his stans (so its non-searchable) eating my ass bc I don’t actually like them." That same Twitter user also responded to the answer that she received, writing: "I appreciate that @chloebennet took the time to respond with her side of the story," she tweeted.

Scott's answer only prompted more questions from Kris, who asked: 'Wait, so how old is she? 'Scott isn't the only one who's moving on from his nearly decade long relationship with Kourtney.