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And I think there's this preconceived notion that Scott, being a rock star, must have just had millions in the bank, and that I'm probably just sitting pretty and just collecting money, and it's the antithesis of the truth.

He, unfortunately, passed away with an enormous amount of debt.

What she wrote to Rolling Stone was absurd and entirely not based in reality.The truth behind Scott's relationship, or lack of relationship, with his children is a story that is not out there, and I'm not going to tell that story, because I don't want my stepchildren to be hurt or to be put in the public eye. But I don't think it takes much imagination for anyone with half a brain, considering the history of Scott and Mary, to come up with a hypothesis as to why his relationship with his kids was poisoned." Weiland's estate is reportedly worth million."I know that he would want me to be strong, that he would want me to be happy, that he would want me to be creating and working as an artist, and doing all the things that I love to do.It was incredibly difficult to do any of them for a long time, because I was literally just completely paralyzed with grief, but time does heal, and you start remembering the good things, and the things that make you smile, instead of the things that make you cry.The vocalist was also dealing with self-medication, estrangement from his children, financial difficulties and a steadily increasing drinking problem.

readers are more likely to find accounts of stars' hard-rock lifestyles than open letters condemning them in the pages of the magazine.There is also said to be a trust with undisclosed assets.Mary Forsberg was Weiland's second wife and mother to his children, Noah and 13-year-old Lucy.It was nothing short of brutal for quite a while there.And I could really only describe it as like a surreal nightmare that I could not wake up from.Photographer Jamie Wachtel Weiland, widow of late STONE TEMPLE PILOTS frontman Scott Weiland appeared on "The Joe Howard Show" Thursday (May 26).