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ARF favors audit: Advertising Research Foundation directors favor tackling prob- lem of auditing broadcast and print media audience measuring procedures, if advertis- ing industry reps are ready to support such activity. Brown said: "all we lack is funds." "We have the experience," he added. Sullivan has been replaced as board chair- man of Noxzema by C. Sullivan, also chairman of executive committee of Sullivan, Stauffer. Noxzema last year had most successful vear in its history, with sales rising 17% and net earnings up 17.5%, attributed in part to highly effec tive ad schedule. )",()()() requests lor National Better Business Bureau servic e din - ing 1902, more than (5,000 came from adver- tising media. "Vigilance of responsible publishers and broadcasters is one of the brightest spots in the overall effort to achieve more effective self-regulation in advertising." NBBB added: "Significantly, most inquiries were made by media before advertising was accepted. Show's participants include Jonathan Miller, Peter Cook, and John Bird, (all of Broadway show "Beyond the Fringe" fame). A famous furniture capital with 92 furni- ture factories and a mammoth exposition building covering 23 acres ... To the clients, however, the main worries are not the minutiae of how the companies keep theii own house in oicler, or even the doubts that have been raised about basic postu- lates.

ALBANY • • FITZGERALD WALB-TV DOUGLAS • • THOMAS VILLE MOODY A. NAB plan is to establish a code standard for ratings. Witt, with Bunting staying as chief executive offi- cer. As the center of the greatest concentration of furniture manufacturing in the world, High Point affords the craftsmen, fine woods and fabric to meet the demands of a variety of industries. Profes- sional media advisors are concerned with revelations of misrepresenta- tion and poor administration; the technicians of research are alarmed at some of the authoritative opin- ions expressed by Herbert Arkin, statistical advisor to the committee, about inadequate national sampl- ing.

At the client level, Nielsen's move is generally thought justifiable, hut poorly timed and ineptly handled.Agency beliefs affect broadcasters Attitude of agencies, clients is critical in determining whether big broadcast groups will go along with radical changes, such as the pro- jected doubling of ARB's sample. research director, Frank Boehin (above), is one of many who must advise management, surveyed top agencies on reactions.At this point, many advertisers see ARB as guilty of political op- portunism.However, the real con- tempi is reserved for Nielsen: justly or unjustly, its attempt to hike prices during the hearings, on the claim of improvements made a full year ago, is viewed as a shoddy ma- neuver by agencies (who wouldn't be severely affected) and as a dia- bolical plot by broadcast operators (who'd fool most of the bill) .Olin-Mathison's Henry Hunter says Nielsen's local- market sampling has been "ridic- ulously inadequate;" Block Drug's Alfred Hani says he's "shocked at the total lack of principle the hear- ings revealed." But neither of these critics believes that a massive in- crease in sampling is needed, or would be justified when price was related to a marginal reduction of error.

Some indications of the dollars- and-cents can be seen in ARB's re- ported intention to double its na- tional sample at an added cost of about 51 million.

Life Specials: Sextant and Life magazine are set to develop a series of specials for net- work showing based on forthcoming special issues and articles in Life. chairman of Interpublic and I A board of direc tors, is sc heduled to de- liver keynote address on "Contemporary Ctility of Advertising." "Creative, U. A." is subject ol Friday business meeting, while topic Saturday is "The Climate of Agency Business." SPONSOR-WEEK continues on page 14 VJ. 1 903 How the jeweler charmed Cleveland with Nighttime Radio This is the sum of the J. In the words of owner Larry Robiusou'When fourteen months ago we tried WHK Nighttime Radio, the response was instan- taneous and overwhelming. we haven't skipped a dav of WHK broadcasting." The moral of this storv is: Put your inonevon the station with the largest following (Number ( )ne for over 2 years*); and the most local billing (50% in a competitive eight- station market I. Wrede Petersmeyer will hit subject hard at Thursday media panel ses- sion. Strong warning against dumping the problem to Govern- ment can be expected. Jack Knney ap- pointed executive producer of Westinghonse Broadcasting . SPONSOR-WEEK continues on page 52 SPONSOR/22 april 1 WE SQUEEZED _ ji THE AIR OUT AND LEFT NOTHING BUT AIR IN All broadcast. Annual sale of radios designed mainly for listening by individuals 1954 1957 1962 Portable radios (both tube and transistor — mainly latter by 1957) Automobile radios Clock radios Table-model radios 1,449,000 3,846,000 11,061,000 4,124,000 X897.000" 2,701,000 5,496,000 2^439,0"00 ~3"T93,000 5,712,000 3,394,000 4^702^000 The growth of portable sets eventually will pose the same problem for television.

PALEY CBS business is booming: Fum quarter HHil CBS earnings are esti- mated to be 2." per cent greater than first quarter last year. CBS Radio in February had 23 of 2.") sponsored shows with greatest audiences, Stanton said. and how WHK RADIO scored a .sparkling .success lor this company. KEl'lth SENTEl) 11Y METR BROADCAST SALES SPONSOR-WEEK Top of the news in tv/radio advertising (continued) Petersmeyer to speak: While ratings arc- not officially on l A's agenda, Corinthian president C. He will advocate in- dustry clean up, improvements in method- ology, with broadcasters, advertisers, and agencies working together. Chemstrand, through Doyle Dane Bernbach, will sponsor October special in which Elizabeth Taylor will make her debut for Television Productions of America on CBS TV. That's SPONSOR, designed as— and still— a buyer's book. A look at radio set sales figures in past few years makes it clear the oiit-ol-hoine radio measurement problem will continue to grow.

Sextant is independent production company formed by Robert Graff. 4A's meeting: W' 5 annual meeting of the 4A's opens at The Greenbrier. Oren Harris for chance to disclose "corrective measures" which NAB will propose to assure reliability in broadcast audience measurements. Collins asked to appear within next 80 days before House special investigations subcommittee. ^ CHANNEL KB WHEELING, SEVEN C_ WEST VIRGINIA 16 SPONSOR/22 apru, l ( JGi 11 I m Built for the high seas in High Point ... WFMY-TV's John Mc Mullen and wife see why the nation's largest mass producer of fiber-glass hulled yachts chooses to build in this Piedmont North Carolina city. home of the world's largest com- mercial still-photo studio and the huge bureau serving as state Junior Chamber of Commerce headquarters . It* Represented nationally by Harrington, Righter & Parsons, Inc. At this point, the paradoxical sit- u.i lion is that the survey companies are ti\ing to died alterations which I heir own clients do not want, spon- sor's editors sampled die opinions of multi-million advertisers and of the leading agencies, and lonnd the overwhelming concensus to be against "change for the sake of change." i i i The congressional probe is pro- ducing different reactions between advertisers and agencies.

Sextant will have access to Life material and staff. Show would be shot in color, with first DO-minutc special to deal with year-end issue of Life. Fill your"horn of plenty" 'with WHK RADIO Ml TKOl'OI. NAB rating proposal: N T AB president he- Roy Collins has asked Rep. Perhaps radio teseareh will have come up with an answer for both. this is High Point, selected by the National Municipal League and Look Magazine as a "1962 All-America city." High Point, Greensboro and Winston-Salem form the largest metro tv market in the Carolinas, the heart of the 51 county area served by another see-worthy performer, WFMY-TV. Now In Our 14th Year Of Service' 7i ' »**feiss£M''- ■ f^-Ji — — and Nielsen services are ac- cused of opportunism, though on differing grounds, and there also is a widespread fear that fruitless revision of survey techniques will be undertaken merely to forestall SPONSOR/22 april 1963 ■ 29 tlif possibility ot guici inncni tegu- iiii ion.

This would re- sult in an across-the-board price hike of 55%, meaning a bill to some broadcast clients that's ,- 000 to 550,000 higher.