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Two years have passed since Carrie Bradshaw finally bagged John "Mr.

From the time we first see Carrie in her "best man" outfit to the time she and Big arrive at the wedding, Carrie's hairstyle changes.It is not slicked back and she does not have a braid.Εδώ, η πραγματικότητα του καθενός μας κατατίθεται με άποψη, πρωτοτυπία, διαφορετικότητα και επιχειρήματα.Η έκφραση γίνεται έτσι πρόκληση για ουσιαστική επικοινωνία.Story telling is important for me on that kind of movies as audience. My greatest compliments to the Eric Amadio - a great director & writer which brought us that great movie.

What I've found on that movie is warm, simple story telling about complicated vortex of feelings which is really hard to accomplish. Emotional rapprochement to the paradoxical feelings after climax was stunning.

Carrie (Parker) wants more "sparkle" with her man "Big", Charlotte (Davis) has trouble keeping her two children under control and frets the nanny (Eve) is getting too close to her husband, Miranda (Nixon) is stressed with work and not there for her kid when she needs to be, and Samantha (Cattrall) is still sleeping with the whole town.

All knowing their stressed, Samantha books a vacation for the girls to fly in n extreme first class condition to the Middle East where jokes take the route for stereotypical, and the lackluster level plummets straight into the ground.

We're so used to these characters we need them in our lives supposedly, but after this movie, my love for this show is drastically decreased.

My hope for this film to be a successful follow up was brought to a tease when watching the first hour of this film. Two hours and thirty minutes may work for a superhero film or LOTR prequel, but who the hell thought it would work for a Comedy about four women?

Όλα αυτά όμως χρειάζονται ένα απλό όσο και συναρπαστικό εισιτήριο για να βρούν μια θέση στο - την άποψη.