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Segmented data gave the brand the relevance to come up with premiums and programmes that talked to customers and trigger the consumption of its products indirectly in these external shops as well.

F&N was not just pushing condensed milk to an operator but also worked with them to build traffic and volume.

Meanwhile out of home, the brand looked at the regional group and realised that much more needed to be done to segment its channels – for example, on-premise with the Indian stores, Chinese coffee shops and Malay restaurants.All of these groups had different habits, behaviours, operating hours, the way they served tea, the way they made food. F&N quickly realised it had to find data for each area in the region and subsequently had to craft programmes which were also relevant to women – who were a primary focus group.He added that since the company was bent on having compelling strategies, it had to completely restructure the business model in terms of how it fundamentally operates.Strategy: Looking at the data, F&N found that as income was on the rise, a lot of its consumers were graduating out of certain categories or switching into others.This penetration of in-home was driven by a growing Malay culture much inculcated with the consumption of condensed milk. F&N had hence found its primary focus and now needed to harness the people who were its biggest users.

F&N also engaged many research houses to get data and moved away from the cow boy approach of marketing to a culture of looking at data, building a foundation of data, understanding the consumer segment.It worked on other tactics such as displaying football matches in stores to drive traffic to these restaurants.“We wanted F&N to represent every activity to mirror its premium flagship role. To engage our consumers, we had to made sure we drove the consumption of our products.“We needed to make sure that all our eggs were not in the same basket,” said Shaik.Execution: F&N started by filling in data to create a consumer profile to understand their needs.He added that the brand need to understand the Malaysian consumer a lot better and the consumption habits both in their homes and out.