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Everything that he had already been through was evident in his songwriting." He underwent physeptone treatment in a British program, returned to New York and was hospitalized there, and then finally committed himself to the Austen Riggs Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, which emphasized cultural and historical factors in trying to treat difficult psychiatric disorders.Critical reception was generally positive, including a complimentary Jon Landau review in Rolling Stone who said that "this album is the coolest breath of fresh air I've inhaled in a good long while. In July 1969, Taylor headlined a six-night stand at the Troubadour in Los Angeles.

Thinking of the red soil, the seasons, the way things smelled down there, I feel as though my experience of coming of age there was more a matter of landscape and climate than people." His guitar style evolved, influenced by hymns, carols, and the music of Woody Guthrie, and his technique derived from his bass clef-oriented cello training and from experimenting on his sister Kate's keyboards: "My style was a finger-picking style that was meant to be like a piano, as if my thumb were my left hand, and my first, second, and third fingers were my right hand." He began attending Milton Academy, a preparatory boarding school in Massachusetts in fall 1961.

Summering before then with his family on Martha's Vineyard, he met Danny Kortchmar, an aspiring teenage guitarist from Larchmont, New York.

who then played the demo for Beatles Paul Mc Cartney and George Harrison.

Mc Cartney remembers his first impression: "I just heard his voice and his guitar and I thought he was great [...] and he came and played live, so it was just like, 'Wow, he's great.'" Taylor said of Asher, who later became his manager, "I knew from the first time that we met that he was the right person to steer my career.

He had this determination in his eye that I had never seen in anybody before." Mc Cartney and an uncredited George Harrison guested on "Carolina in My Mind", whose lyric "holy host of others standing around me" referred to the Beatles, and the title phrase of Taylor's "Something in the Way She Moves" provided the lyrical starting point for Harrison's classic "Something".

Mc Cartney and Asher brought in arranger Richard Anthony Hewson to add both orchestrations to several of the songs and unusual "link" passages between them; they would receive a mixed reception, at best."James had been through so much by the time he was twenty that he had so much to express in his music.Following his 1977 album, JT, he has retained a large audience over the decades.Every album that he released from 1977 to 2007 sold over 1 million copies.Kortchmar used his association with the King Bees (who once opened for Peter and Gordon), to connect Taylor to Peter Asher.Asher was A&R head for the Beatles' newly formed label Apple Records.The two began listening to and playing blues and folk music together, and Kortchmar quickly realized that Taylor's singing had a "natural sense of phrasing, every syllable beautifully in time.