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We’re done.’ [But] there are hundreds of religious freedom acts on the Senate floor and House floor that will basically take away rights from LGBTQ people — protections that are important. “We’ve both been down here now for 17 years,” Tegan says, noting that they’ve “been to every state, except for Alaska,” as well as to D. “I don’t like to kick Canada, because I do love it and I do think there is something inherently different [about it] — there is a sense of community and thoughtfulness and kindness that is woven into Canada and the people there,” Tegan says.And we want to stand in solidarity with our community to help make sure that doesn’t happen.” Natives of Canada, the Quins have apartments in Los Angeles as well as in Vancouver, which goes a long way to explaining their interest in U. “But there’s just as much systemic racism and homophobia and transphobia there. industries, because it’s very similar to the States.

This was so fun, I feel honored that I was chosen to help. I like shooting live music because I get to capture part of a performance, the musicians know they are being photographed and are happy about that.

Jeremy Taylor was in charge of the design and working with him was amazing!

Certainly with the political climate being what it was when we started touring 18 months ago, it really just felt like a justifiable time to give back and make sure that this part of the world, this community that’s really been supportive to us, that they feel like we see them and that we’re helping.

“Especially within our community, once marriage equality happened, I think a lot of people thought, ‘Okay, great. “We’ve been on work visas since 1998 and we both date Americans and we have a lot of family in the D. area as well as the Atlanta area.” Still, their Tegan and Sara Foundation operates on both sides of the 49th Parallel — and there is work to be done even in our more progressive neighbor to the north.

As such, the album is a fundraising tool, in addition to being a novel way to honor the original set.

“It serves to give new life to the album,” Sara says.It was by far the darkest and most passionate from an indie-pop act known for charming and catchy harmonized hooks and clever, self-aware and self-deprecating lyrics and wordplay.Since , and particularly in recent years, the identical twins have also stepped up their visibility and advocacy as LGBTQ role models and leaders.“They’re doing good work,” Sara says about existing LGBTQ organizations, yet there are problems with “some of the way that their funding is distributed, or some of the way that certain issues are prioritized over other issues.[These] are difficult conversations to have, because I think ultimately everyone is trying to do good work, and everyone has the best of intentions, but some of these systemic issues just exist, and they exist in this invisible way if you are not one of the people that those systemic issues affects negatively.” Chief among these is the discrepancy in funding for gay women versus gay men.And there are very specific pillars that we’re focused on — healthcare and economics, but also representation….