Updating software on iphone 4

Solutions provided in this article are convenient and provide a complete i Phone backup to restore on a PC without using i Tunes.A backup includes app documents, applications, choices, messages, calendars, associates, and a lot more.Apple frequently issues software updates for your i Phone to make it run faster, safer and more efficiently.

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The good news is you can restore i Phone without getting it updated using i Tunes.The i Phone users with i OS 10.2, 9.3.2, 9.3.3 or 9.3.5 may need to restore their devices because they want to get a fresh start or fix inherent issues.For best results, plug into a USB 2.0 port, which is typically located behind your computer rather than on its keyboard or monitor.Click on your i Phone's icon, which should now appear under "Devices" in the left sidebar.You need i Tunes to download and install these updates on your i Phone.

You also need time and some measure of patience; software updates can sometimes take a long time to download due to their size.This method includes using Copy Trans Shelbee that goes along well with i OS devices including i Phone 7 and i OS variations including i OS 10.Following methods will restore your device to factory settings while sticking to the same firmware; hence, it may be jailbroken.One thing to keep in mind is you cannot use i Tunes for restoring an i Phone or i Pad without updating the software. Step 6: You can now restore your backup with i Tunes.Thus, we will have to resort to the following solutions: Step 1: Make sure to first create a backup in i Tunes after connecting your i Phone to the computer. Step 5: When this process is done, plug your i Phone/i Pad to computer and wait till it unlocks. This solution is useful for those using jailbroken i Phone, and who don’t want to lose the jailbreak using i Tunes for restoring the device.There are many i Phone users who don’t wish to upgrade to the newest i OS version.