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There has been a “friends” box on Facebook profiles for a long time – down on the left hand side of the page under your profile picture and basic information.

Previously that small square box was filled with six random friends, and I remember they random.

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This uses an ungodly amount of processing power, so it's not recommended.

Toggles on or off the vsync (vertical sync) mechanic.

We started with the best messaging features on the planet, introduced privacy features to keep you in control, brought you free voice and video calling, and now we’ve added thousands of stickers and news.

Millions of people around the world have discovered how BBM has changed – your turn!If it’s not public interaction, and it’s not random then it’s got to be something else.The the most obvious solution is that these are people who click on my profile a lot. Privacy issues As one of my friends said: “these two girls keep turning up on my friends list – but they’re not people I interact with on Facebook – so I think they must fancy me..” Just to throw another scenario out there – you can see that your ex has been clicking on your Facebook profile a lot even if neither of you have talked or interacted on there for months.Facebook revamped profiles earlier this week, and launched a bunch of new features, but one of the most surprising things hasn’t even been announced – a feature that lets you know who has been clicking on your profile.Okay, I’m basing this on personal observation, but bear with me.It now displays 10 friends not six, and you only need to refresh your profile three or four times to see that the same group of people comes up again and again.