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Don't call an unknown number and say are you trying to get a hold of me, who are you? Smith said With Thanks to Slim, Since the scammers accessed the computer, they probably did one or more of the following:? Copied any financial data or passwords they could find? "Zombied" the computer, so it would respond to THEIR commands sent via internet? Asked for money to repair the damage they caused What can you do immediately after such an attack?

- Pull the cables on the computer, so it cannot access the internet- Change ALL passwords stored on the computer- Run FULL malware scans on the computer, in "SAFE" mode- Change the passwords again, particularly if the malware scans showed anything- Inform your bank and credit card companies- Sign up for credit monitoring, and check the status frequently- You may have to bring the computer to a local repair shop, and tell them the story, Tell friends what happened, so they can be aware of strange emails from you- Plug in the cables only AFTER all the above have been done- Change the passwords on all online accounts- Even better - access a "safe", uninfected computer, and chance your online account passwords RIGHT NOW-You fell for one scam, and might be susceptible to others mentioned on this site:phonehelp-truth-com facts_rev-html Read that info to educate and help protect yourself Honest computer companies do NOT cold-call people, or cause popups from websites to tell them their computers need fixing Some scammers even have websites-Read the info at these links-news-softpedia-com news Cold-Call-Tech , on,shtmlwww-consumer-ftc-gov articles -tech-support-scams Lesson: If your computer needs fixing, bring it to a local repair shop Remember to return here, to notes-com, after you look at any of the information at the above sites, either to post more information, or to let us know you avoided the scam or fixed the computer correctly They call every day and I don't answer- If they continue I will call the States Attorney- I have been all over thier web site and if was a reputible company they would have officers names, numbers to call and all the other things a REAL company has to make these calls stop- I believe they will eventually give up- My credit is so good that when we applied for a loan the mortgage company said they have never seen a credit score as high as ours- I have had the same cedit card for years and never have paid any interest- I have no debt so I am sure that this is a scam- Do not call, it only keeps them going Oakland: I received missed a call at : this morning from , "Unavailable"- There was no mssg, but I called back because I was waiting for a friend to call (and I don't know her number,)- The call didn't go through, and I got a phone company recording saying that the number isn't in service When I searched for this number on the Internet, I kept finding that it's not a valid number- This call must be from a scammer or something, because it seems they're cloaking their phone number by using an invalid number-Don't people have anything better to do with their time - and life?

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This happened to me, too- I knew I was in trouble when AFTER I ordered the Acai, I saw the same hometown testimonial with a different woman's picture, and then a few days later, a different woman still- All with the same words-I had no trouble canceling and returning the product, or so I thought, until today when I was charged again, and now they are not answering the phonerec'd a call, the caller repeatedly called me uncle- I did not recognize the voice and asked who he was- Kept calling me uncle and asking me to guess who he was- Acted like he knew me- Asked questions about other family members- I told him to identify himself first, because I had no clue- When I would not answer his questions he hung up- Lots of back ground noise in Spanish- He sounded like a prison gang banger- English was definitely not his first language That Alexandra Peace called left a message on answering machine saying she was with some court and civil papers have been filed against me and if I didn't call by end of day she would be sending uniformed officers to my door to serve me papers- She also called my cell and called my daughters cell- I believe this is a collection agency by the name of Convergent Outsourcing and use many different numbers as well as "unknown" has come across my called ID- I refuse to even talk to them because they are bottom scum feeders- If you do choose to answer their call insist on their name, company name, street address and telephone number- Tell the caller that you refuse to discuss any debt until you get a written "validation notice-" The notice must include the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor you owe, and your rights under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act- If the caller refused to give you all of this information, do not pay paying a fake debt collector will not always make them go away- They may make up another debt to try to get more money from you- Stop speaking with the caller- If you have the caller's address, send a letter cease communications and stop contacting you- times out of the debt collector can not validate the debt- They are just buying up old debts for pennies on the dollar and hoping they get lucky with someone who does not know their rights- Here are some of the numbers I know of for Convergent Outsourcing, , , , Hope this was helpful- I am in Texas and according to Texas Law statute of limitations is only years- So if the debt is over years they can not collect, so that is why these scum feeders are buying up the debts to try and make money Got call last night and was asked personal medical questions and was told calling on behalf of my health insurance carrier- Called carrier today and was told that they contact the subscriber by mail not phone- Beware - scam I get these calls times every day for months They want to refil an Ambian perscription- They speak with a heavy accent and can't read english- They always say they're calling from CVS in Florida (I've never lived in FLA)nd time I received this type of call- Recorded message leaves an "" number indicating to call back "immediatley" fo rsome "urgent" matter their office is working on- Well if it were that urgent I guess a real person would be calling mand not asking me to call back- I will keep reporting them on Do not call, which I am registered with but doubt anything will happen- Very annoying This number continues to call and looks for someone named Virginia- I told them that there is no Virginia and they had the wrong number- But the call still keeps coming and this person named Eric says: we called this number and Virginia answered the phone- If you are not Virginia, then someone else answer the phone for you- I told them this is my cell phone- And here is what he said: "If you don't want the system, then tell me so- At least that is honest-" So now they acuse me of lying about my name?

Unbelievable This phone number belongs to a public utility named Caller IDU, Inc-, which is run by Paul Maduno and Luis Martinez- They have entered into revenue sharing agreements with telemarketers who make illegal unsolicited telephone calls- They profit directly from these outbound unsolicited telephone calls-This appears to be a clear violation of a number of laws, including C-F-R- §-(b) of the Federal Telemarketing Sales Rule-Please take a moment to report this call via an online complaint to regulators-Oregon Public Utilities Commission Online Complaints: apps-puc-state-or-us consumer complaint-asp Oregon Attorney General?

That's a real problem- And if it's happening to me, it could very well be happening to others as well- Money is tight-?

Jahanel said- Shannon Smith with the Attorney General's Office says never return a call from an unfamiliar number- ? Copied the Contact List (so they can spam email your soon-to-be ex-friends)?

I called the number back, and it disconnects incoming calls- I'm about ready to reach through my phone to New Jersey, and smack the hell out of them I got a phone call on my job & home phone from this number claiming they were from the legal affidavit office and that i owed them money and should report to the court house in my state-I was very upset Have received repeated calls over the past few weeks from "Cathy", purportedly of the "Small Business Network", asking me to "press " for more information on their services- There were two different phone numbers left, () - and () -, the latter of which, when called, has a message stating that "this mailbox is full"- Calling the other number you are placed on indefinite hold I got a few phone calls from all sorts of companies stating that I won a contest-I remember I signed up for some stupid things online to get a free ipod or such, and ever since then, I noticed all these places from the U-S calling-There's no way for them to stop calling-But I did receive an email stating that they have failed to contact me via telephone so they are sending me an email-In that email, there is the option to opt out of the advertising service- After that, they stopped calling Or, I usually tell them that they got the wrong number This is a contractor carrier that Vonage uses as an infamous way to peg your Vonage phone line to it as the audio quality will become downright bad and sound like talking into a barrel, notably when on the US East Coast, miles away and back- No other Vo IP practices this method, hence the false spam telephone number it sends to the party called, especially when a toll-free line that detects this practice- Other spammers, notably overseas spammers jump on this and send that cover-up false number to unsuspecting victim parties' Caller IDI fear this is a scam- I am not a Verizon customer- When I picked up the phone they tell me I owed them and need to provide my phone number to them- When I said I wasn't comfortable with that they said thank you and goodbye I have been getting calls from this number for the past days- Finally talked to them and told them that if there was a law suit or charges filed against me that I would deal with it when I got papers-Darned if they didn't call back again later on in the day and try again- This time they used the names Roger Davis and Paul Smith- It is amazing how someone can have such an American name like that and speak with such a heavy accent that you can hardly understand them- I wrote all the info down and plan on filing a report with the local authorities and whoever else I may need to contact- SCAMSomeone from this number calls me every day I had never picked up until today, but thought I'd see if I could harass them some Well, it was the Mortgage Savings, but nobody would say a word- I told the blank phone not to call me again This is aggravating I have recieved eight calls today- They hang-up when we pick-up I started to order the acai berry, but after reading the agreement I decided not to- I did type in my adress info, but didn't send, I guess they got it anyway All I get is a call from John or Ann this is every Day I"m really mad about these calls I"m on the don"t call list I would like to press charges for HARRASSMENT, the # is - the name on my caller ID will come up Semagrouprecvy- If you call the number back it will not go through, this kind of thing makes it look bad for the real life line company, Feel Bad for that company I've reported this company to the FCC on the government website numerous times and continue to do so every time I receive one of their faxes- You do have to fill out a form and attach a scan of the fax-I recommend that everyone file a complaint with the FCC every time they receive a nuisance fax and maybe something will come of it- I have no idea what else can be done Got messages from this number today: one for being a secret shopper- respond to , one for a gift card, respond to , I'm certain they don't have any response to me replying "stop" except to confirm I'm real- I'm blocking the number hereafter My answering machine just got a call from this number by a girl named Ci Ci requesting some information for Wachovia that I should call her back by two o clock- The thing is I don't do any business with Wachovia and never have- It sounded very suspiscious Same as CP- Signed up for a number of raffles and they seemed to have sold my information to a global time share company- Apparently I won every single raffle I signed up for in the state fair in Sacramento- lol Green Clean Organic Carpet Cleaning Exchange Pl, Salt Lake City, UT () - ?

mrgreencleanut-com Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Cleaners, Organic Carpet Cleaners, Organic Cleaning Supplies, Carpet Cleaning Service, Software Scam artist- email to hide his number- He cant hide from the R-C-M-P that monitors his home, phone number & e-mail adresses Beware of this individual he uses several e-mail adressesemail email email email He will be arrested soon,and face fines up to , and years in Jail*I just got a call from them- Called ID showed up , I can't block that- A Cynthia somebody left a message to have my lawyer or myself call- Wished me luck if I didn't call back- They left the number , I like when you call they answer the phone "hello-" Wouldn't you think they would answer like they are supposed to?

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