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This accident took a toll at the family and Ikki Twins had to go back to their parents’ house to help her in her recovery.

She was expected to make quick recovery and to be ok in 6 months.

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They came to be well known for being the Stars of MTV reality dating show called Double Shot at Love.

Ikki Twins worked as waitresses in the local Hooters Restaurants and were put on the Hooters Calendar.

This show featured 12 men with 12 women who wanted to get affection of Twins.

Twins had served like co-host of Big Time Television show of Steve Harvey and on Television show of Criss Angel.

From their biography, Ikki Twins were born in the city of Greenburg in Pennsylvania and they lived in over 9 different states. They say that they are bisexual, Rikki was the one to discover this first and then Vikki found it afterwards.

Rikki had to be put into the medically induced coma when she underwent emergency surgery after the doctor found blood into the brain after a car accident since they were clipped by semitruck in the city of Bakersfield in California.read on, they really do The twins first started their careers as waitresses at a Hooters in Southern California, where they were featured in several Hooters calendars. The final episode was a nail-biter between contestants Trevor and Rebekah.Ultimately, the twins collectively chose Trevor, and Trevor chose to date Vikki, leaving Rikki behind.The Girls were voted to be among the 25 Hottest Girls of All Time.Ikki Twins were the star for the reality television spin-off for A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila and it was called A Double Shot at Love.Now Rikki has to put helmet in order to protect her skull where some fragment of the bones are missing while the speech is slurred still.