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Remember the old movie title 10 Things I Hate About You? My wife says Im probably the only Disney World customer ever who hasnt liked the experience.

What follows is an enumeration of 10 things I like - about writer-director Martin Mc Donaghs new dramedy Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: Publicists for The Killing of a Sacred Deer as is their job have colorfully exaggerated, calling the movie a sensational thriller brimming with unsettling humor and creeping dread, steeped in Greek tragedy, existential horror, Hitchcockian psychodrama and riveting suspense. Maybe thats why I liked The Florida Project so much. A kids movie, regularly referencing the stars and moon. A documentary considering the connection between rodents and the city of Baltimore.

Julieta (pronounced hool-YET-ah), a Spanish movie with English subtitles helmed by Oscar honoree Pedro Almodovar, has a lot to do with guilt: assuming and assessing guilt, attempting to assuage guilt, the advancement of guilt from generation to generation.

An old-fashioned love story with old-fashioned content, like footage from Rebel Without a Cause and an homage to Gene Kelly in Singin in the Rain?

Watching movies is a time-honored method of coping with the winter doldrums.

And so, with a new winter just about ready to make its appearance, we offer a dozen films scheduled for frigid-season premieres that sound promising (or look promising - Ive taken in a few of them at advance press screenings).

Its violent and its sad and he called it Nocturnal Animals.

But if he was talking about the dark comedy that was previewed - T2: Trainspotting - I have to agree with him. It both summarizes the attitude of its central character, a Danish soldier who tells German prisoners of war This is my country (and) youre not welcome here, and suggests a plot centering on landmines in the Danish countryside.

Good things come in groups of three, our English composition teacher told us 40-odd years back, when we were college freshmen.

It may take you a moment to understand why, or how, this could be the case.

ELM GROVE - The present production of the award-winning musical The Producers proves once again that musicals with the right ingredients never die, especially when well-executed.

For Midwesterners, summer means more sun, more leisure time - and more movie debuts. Gifted refers to 10-year-old Mckenna Graces character, Mary, in the new dramedy directed by Marc Webb from a Tom Flynn script.

Following are 20 films scheduled for release between Memorial Day weekend (in one case, the Thursday preceding that weekend) and mid-August. That word could be applied to the diminutive actress as well, for Grace definitely steals the show with perhaps the best performance by a preteen Ive seen as a movie reviewer.

An impeccably sculpted tower that dwarfs everything in its path, its a symbol of physical might and commercial supremacy recognized the world over. Downsizing offers an ingenious concept: humans being reduced to finger size as a means of both confronting overpopulation and - since the new small fry get to keep their old money - easily attaining a lavish lifestyle.