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There is now more news found whether he is dating anyone of has any girlfriend.Besides that, for more information about his bio, he is also active in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.Casualty continues Saturday night at 8.40pm on BBC One.

He also appeared nude in June 2008 issue of the Cosmopolitan in aid of the testicular cancer research.

In addition to that, he had also starred in the movies Behaving Badly and Nightlight.

He said: "I'm having such a wonderful time filming Casualty."I'm very excited for people to meet Mickey and for them to feel the difficulties that he endures in his life."I'm ever so grateful for this opportunity; it really has been a fantastic experience." This isn't Mitch's only post-Skins appearance, as he played one of the lead characters in Britannia High shortly after.

The show followed a group of fictional students at a London musical theatre school and aired between October 26 and December 20 2008.

At the beginning of his acting career, Hewer was cast in teen drama series called Skins as Maxxie Oliver who is a gay character.

After that, he appeared in music drama Britannia High portraying the character of Danny Miller in which he also appears on Britannia High soundtrack.

Good."Did you have to do any research for the part? I personally feel nowadays for kids of my age, they're more accepting to gays, so no, I don't feel like that."So what can we expect from your episode? I'm not going to give away the storyline - but something happens between me and Tony. First time you're a bit worried, you know what I mean?

"No, I didn't do any research on playing a gay character, because in a way, I didn't want to stereotype. "What sort of reaction have you had to the show so far? They thought the show was great, they loved every single visual character, they thought they were all different in a way, absoltuely amazing.

The actor is best known for playing loveable Maxxie Oliver in the first two series of E4's Skins.

The cult show recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary, with April Pearson revealing some sordid on-set secrets.

In addition to that, he had also made his appearance on popular ITV as well as ITV2 shows such as This Morning, Xtra Factor, Richard and Judy’s New Position as well as on the BBC comedy show called Never Mind the Buzzcocks along with the team captain Davina Mc Call and the singer Alesha Dixon.